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How Ron Paul changed my life..

January 17, 2010

All I know is that I happened to come across the now famous Ron Paul -Giuliani interaction one fine day .. the interaction that is credited to have kicked off the Ron Paul Revolution.  Being an non-American, and from a particularly “terror” infested region of the world, I knew a few things about terrorism already.  The things Dr. Paul said, I knew were what I had believed to be true long before I moved to the US of A – again, this was from hearsay more than any type of scholarship.  But probably what got me really into the whole thing was that he kept talking about this thing “the constitution”, and how the Americans should follow it.  It was the first time in my life that I realized that laws are not legal just because a legislature declared them to be.. there has to be a reference standard to measure the legality of any law.  In just hours of discovering Ron Paul, I had read through the US constitution and was blown away by the Declaration of Independence, and the things it said and stood for.  I wish there was a way to express how enlightening the experience was..  its as if one finds himself to be alive one day.

Then on, I was a strong constitutionalist.  It did not matter one bit that I had not pledged my allegiance to the flag of the US of America, or gained citizenship of it.. I declared my common cause and fraternity with everyone who stood for the constitution and the principles stated within the declaration of Independence.  Next few months, were spent chasing searching and savoring all the news and flurry of the Ron Paul revolution.. cheering the “young people” on, encouraging their quite enthusiastic attempts to sway the minds of people who already had made up their minds despite not being aware of much of the political positions of any candidates of any party.  And as hopeful, joyous and stimulating all that exercise was – it did not do what I, then, expected it to do.  Interestingly, it did exactly what Dr. Paul wanted to do.. i.e. spread the message of liberty.

Well, I, like many others are forever indebted to Dr. Paul for his kind gift to us all.  More importantly, I must thank all those people who tried to smear him, based on the old Ron Paul newsletters and their racist content.  Had they not ever raised that, I would probably not investigated Dr. Paul even more deeply, just to verify that he was not actually a racist and talking in “code” as these fellows alleged.  Going back into his history, I came across a few more of his friends – Murray N Rothbard, Lew Rockwell and pretty much everyone in the Mises University gang.

In another instance, I happened to come across a bald guy talking bad about Dr. Paul, about how he cannot change the system etc.  It was not something I was willing to accept despite how logically true they were – and pretty sure a lot of Ron Paul people posted angry comments on his videos.  Stefan Molyneux has the distinct honor of fighting for the free market from a ideological puritan position and although he sometimes takes anti-theism a bit too far, he still has contributed to my intellectual development.

Indeed, once I got Rothbard.. there was really no turning back.

Thanks to Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul,  I am an anarcho-capitalist, and I advocate anarcho-capitalism and voluntaryism.  So here is to the “crazy” old man who thought he could change the world.. and then he did.