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Personal defense and libertarian ethic

August 24, 2010

A libertarian should always attempt to avoid violence where ever possible. This does not mean he should be a pacifist. But it is really a question that individuals should decide beforehand and think over what constitutes clear and present danger? When you should act? and with what force? All bearers of force – in a free society are not devoid of responsibilities. And due to the current setup, one does not have the kind of environment where to think and deliberate about things.
So I think, it would be a good idea to engage in thought. Debate and argue with yourself to find out where your “line in the sand” are. Train for such, talk and consult with experts and generate a guideline. You don’t need a written guideline.. chances are you wont get time to read them in the real event, so rather not write it down. But if you have friends/spouse etc to talk to such things – probably a good idea to cover such topics in conversation.. although be careful not to incriminate yourself given all the force restrictions in current society.